What a Temper!


By Ismail Ibrahim

Illustrated by Dinodi 

“Hi Leo! Hi Al!” 

“Hi Max”. 

“Alita, you look pale today” observed Max looking at her while munching a cheese burger. 

“Stop calling me Alita! Call me Al. Got it? I hate that type of name. I don’t know why I was born as a girl. I want to be and live like a boy…”said Alita in a hot-temper, reacting to Leo making fun of her. 

“Whoa wait a second. Don’t be too much tempered you shall be old soon.” 

“Ah ha! Is it funny?  STOP CALLING ME ALITAAAAA!” said Al still angry.

“Whew! What a tempered girl” said Max while wiping his mouth.  

“You guys don’t understand anything,” said Al and went to the class in a hot mood. 

“Wait for us!”Leo and Max said from behind still laughing at how irked she was by them. 

The bell rings and the three of them came after their meal to the class. 

“Mrs. Lily Good Morning,” they all greeted a thin lady with a long nose, waiting to conduct their class. 

“Good Morning Students. Now let’s get back to our lesson. What’s the lesson we were dealing with?” asked Mrs. Lily turning pages of her book. 

“About the Universe,” said Max without any fear. 

Everyone looked at Max in disbelief. Mrs. Lily was so shocked that she had her mouth drop open.

“Did you check the book” questioned Mrs. Lily looking doubtfully at Max.

“No Mrs!” he replied. “I liked this lesson so much that I remembered the lesson.” “Alright then. Sit down” said Mrs. Lily and started the class.

The bell rang and all went home. The boys were chatting on way home and Al, she was blaming and shouting “What is this place? It’s so hot and shops are closed…I am thirsty and sweating…” 

“Just calm down and be quiet without shouting,” said Leo in a good mood. “Alita, boys don’t get angry. Boys are cool and strong to face any challenges. Not like girls. Girls can’t wait under the sun for few minutes; they say they will get burnt.” While Max was only saying thinks to poke fun at AI, she got even angrier than before. She came near Max like a beast and started to shout “STOP CALLING ME ALITAAAAAAAA!” 

“Oh! I think I need to wash my face a little. I’m sweating so much.” said Max as he reached for his water bottle to wash his face. Leo was fed up with AI. 

“What a temper,” he muttered.