Skincare Simplified


By Sadira Sittampalam

Suds & Co was founded on creativity. Rishada is the creator of the handmade soap and skincare brand and started her soap making journey as a DIY project in 2019 when she realised that a lot of plastic waste came from hygiene products. She found that the growth of synthetic and harmful products in plastic bottles was something many wanted to move away from and soap seemed a great place to start. Her initial soap bars turned into gifts for friends and family. They all came back for more and encouraged her to turn this into a little business.

Soap is something that we all use in our daily lives, and while there are plenty of soap brands out there, there is something special about having something handmade. We at Ceylon Today got a chance to speak with Rishada about her brand, and how she makes her unique and entirely plastic-free soaps.

Tell me a little about your range of products and what you guys specialise in?

Our main product is soap but we have a range of products from body scrubs, foot soaks, bath salts to natural deodorants and essential oils. For our soaps, we use a wide range of skin-loving ingredients such as turmeric, goat milk, and various clays. 

How do you come up with your formulations?

Years of trial and error taught us to create a formula for soaps that we feel is suited for us and our climate. Most of our ingredients are locally sourced.  It is mixed, poured, cut and packed by hand, the small differences between each bar and batch is part of their handmade charm. With our soaps, you know exactly what you are putting on your skin. It is nearly impossible for the average person to pronounce let alone understand the ingredients in commercial products, yet so many people habitually put them on their skin – the largest organ in our body!

Your soap bars come with some gorgeous designs; how do you get inspired to create them?

I truly believe soap should be more than just functional!  Being an artist and a photographer, design and colour has been a huge part of my life. Making soap allows me to express my creativity through colour, patterns and fragrances.

And they are not just pretty on the outside. Since our products are made by hand, we know exactly what goes in. What we leave out is as important as what we leave in. They do not contain artificial hardeners, preservatives, latherers, synthetic preservatives or soap dyes.

Our process creates no waste by-products and relies on old-fashioned elbow grease, with every bar poured, cut and packed by hand, right here in our studio. The reusable and recyclable packaging leaves you completely guilt-free. The soap is biodegradable too, so it’s better for the planet even once you’ve used it.

What skincare product or products do you think everyone needs in their bathroom?

SOAP! A beautiful bar of soap can elevate your everyday shower making it a truly pleasurable experience. From our product range, I’ll go with the goat milk bars, cinnamon and Moroccan clay, and turmeric and orange soap.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced in your journey?

My struggle then and now has always been managing my role as a mom and a business.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future?

Yes! We are hoping to create a range exclusively for men and also look into household cleaning products.

Anything else you›d like to add?

A customer review –

Suds & Co. soaps and deo has become a household staple in our home for as long as I remember. The qualities of the products are great and you can tell a lot of care has been put into making these products. It’s also a really good alternative to commercial products that contain toxic ingredients and come in packaging harmful to the environment. We’re hooked! – Shazna Z