Opening Up The Cloud For Sri Lanka


By Shanuka Kadupitiyage

In the world of tech, there are only a handful of companies that have a presence larger than Oracle. Over the past many decades, Oracle has been at the forefront of providing enterprises and governments with effective digital solutions.

One such industry is providing cloud solutions. In the modern-day, businesses and state organisations around the world rely on cloud services for their businesses, management and even workflow, and Oracle is a leader in the market, providing the computational power with the flexibility to make your shot.

Although the world is increasingly moving towards digitisation, a majority of local entrepreneurs in the small to medium scale enterprises in the South Asian region are only beginning to move towards the online space. 

Ceylon Today was recently able to join a special Asia regional media briefing by Oracle on their interest in providing services to help make the move towards digitising your business happen even faster, providing great computational power without having to build or invest in the power for it yourself.

The growing clouds

Joining a special media briefing was Manager of Cloud Automation Management at Oracle, Chris Morris along with ASEAN Regional Managing Director, Ying Loong.

Addressing the gathering first, was Manager Chris Morris, who shared that the trend of businesses growing increasingly layout of how it would become something that is continuing in the modern-day, especially in the ASEAN region.

Based on current market research conducted in the region, we learnt that by 2024, the demand for cloud services will only continue to increase, with 50% of all organisations projected to have some form of cloud service implementation either on-premises or in a service provider facility. And needless to say, the use of multiple cloud services, or hybridised systems are the most likely to change the world of digital infrastructure the way we know it.

Redesigning the cloud

And so, Oracle has taken the time to completely rebuild their cloud services platform to better cater to the needs of enterprises of the future, today. Revealed by Director Loong, the new cloud infrastructure created by Oracle provides more than 70 unique services, with one of the most flexible approaches to cloud-based services, in order to cater to each of your specific needs.

Speaking further, Director Loong revealed that Oracle’s new cloud platform is already well-received throughout the Asia region, with happy clients such as Fujifilm and even the City Government of Baguio, the Philippines making use of their cloud services.

Ready for you

Sri Lanka and South Asia is a region which Oracle sees a lot of potentials to operate with, and as such is heavily investing in order to not only have the proper infrastructure, but also to have the necessary training made available for all those who are willing to take the plunge and join the cloud computing revolution.

Although their services clearly will be beneficial for major corporations in Sri Lanka as well as the public service, it is yet to be seen how useful Oracle will be for Sri Lanka’s SMEs and tech startups. The company’s services provide anyone in need of computational power and cloud services that are flexible, reliable, and powerful, and to see how the company’s services will change the local ecosystem in technology will certainly be an interesting journey to witness.